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For EQE candidates, the pandemic brought an almost complete change of paradigm with respect to the European Qualifying Examination. Conventional ways of training show many limitations when preparing for an online exam. Our portal practiceeqe.com is not only a training tool, but a dual instrument that guides you through the law while you are also familiarising yourself with the online environment of the exams.

What do we offer?

We have prepared a set of original questions to help you assess the level of your knowledge. The questions are brand new, never published before. We have arranged them in an innovative online test format that prevents the influence of chance and gets you as close as possible to the know-how for tackling the real exam. Take a step forward in your preparation and Start taking your Tests!

Join the practiceEQE challenge!

Each test takes less than 45 minutes and includes random topics, requiring you to go through all the main legal aspects of patent law needed for the exam, and leading to a personalized report of your Results.

Your benefits:

You have total freedom in choosing your own time schedule throughout the week and still receive instant feedback.

You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses relating not only to the level of your knowledge but also to the time needed to answer the questions.

What you will need:

A device (computer, phone, tablet) connected to the internet.

Your preferred reference books.

IMPORTANT: This is a new version of our platform. It took a great effort but we did it with passion. Although we spent hundreds of hours to create this version, we are aware that the most important factor is your opinion. Please try out our platform, but we would appreciate your patience and understanding that this is a version that needs further testing. This year, the enrollment is free of charge. We would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Good luck!

About practiceEQE

practiceEQE is a platform which will accompany you in your preparation for the exam and a strategy that will work.

Our teaching materials were made by a team of experts who have recently successfully passed the EQE and have a history of coached candidates who also successfully passed the EQE. They know which skills and strategies helped them and their students during preparation, and you will directly benefit from thistle knowledge.

Multiple types of quizzes

PracticeEQE.com uses a full collection of different types of questions related to the subject matter of the EQE, covering all of the legal topics needed for the Pre-Exam and for the Paper D. The questions are structured to accompany the student throughout the learning process and designed to make sure that you have covered all of the relevant aspects that can be tested in the examination. You will work with old exam-type questions, true/false questions and open questions.

Instant feedback

We understand how difficult it is to toggle between day to day activities (most notably a full-time job) and preparing for the exams and we know that time is at a premium during training for the EQE. That`s why we set up a tool that helps you gain time by providing instant feedback and scoring, together with highlighting the correct legal basis for your answers.

You will be able to immediately evaluate your level of knowledge, your strengths and weaknesses by using our user statistics.

You are in control

People are different and so are their learning styles. Some of us learn from experience and every answer increases knowledge. Others need to practice in conditions similar to those of the exam, when the feedback is provided at the end. For this option just check HIDE ANSWERS on the EQE Practice Tests page

You are the one who knows which way suits you best and that is why we allow you to choose the feedback style. Now you can learn at your own pace, adapting your training to your own needs, and taking full advantage of every minute spent practicing.

Use this platform at your own convenience!

Keep track of your progress

Under User statistics, you can monitor your progress and identify the topics you need to improve.

Within one click distance, you have a complete list with the questions where the legal provisions were not properly used. Just click on a question if you want to improve your answer. At the same time, you can choose to answer questions related only to a certain article or rule

Direct access to authors

We have a close relationship with our users, and during your study, you will also have a direct access to the authors of the questions via Send a message option. We carefully consider each received comment, and, therefore you will be able to clarify any uncertainty.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.